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ROISIN MURPHY "Take Her Up To Monto"

ROISIN MURPHY "Take Her Up To Monto"

ROISIN MURPHY "Take Her Up To Monto"

July 8, 2016
Art Pop, alternative, avant-garde, disco, electronica
Ireland / London, UK
Play It Again Sam


2.Pretty Gardens
3.Thoughts Wasted
4.Lip Service
5.Ten Miles High
6.Whatever (video)
7.Romantic Comedy
8.Nervous Sleep
9.Sitting And Counting

Loud and Quiet -
From cosmic disco to dark cabaret, to baroque waltz, Murphy rarely puts a foot wrong, imbuing each style and song with her own wit and intelligence.

PopMatters -
Take Her Up to Monto is Róisín Murphy’s personal statement on love, romance, dance, and technology. May they all live together in electropop harmony.

Continuing the process of re-emergence that began with 2014's Mi Senti EP and 2015's critically acclaimed, Mercury Prize nominated album 'Hairless Toys', 'Take Her Up To Monto' is an album which crackles with wild invention.

If 'Mi Senti' EP was a "love letter" to Murphy's creative life, then the sessions that followed were a full-blown symphony. Five intensive weeks working alongside long term musical collaborator Eddie Stevens resulted in enough material for two albums. 'Hairless Toys' served to ease her audience into this new phase of Murphy's career, before hitting them full force with 'Take Her Up To Monto'

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