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LUSHLIFE "My Idols Are Dead + My Enemies Are In Power"

LUSHLIFE "My Idols Are Dead + My Enemies Are In Power"

LUSHLIFE "My Idols Are Dead + My Enemies Are In Power"

January 17, 2017
experimental hip hop/rap hip-hop, indie, psychedelic, wall-of-sound
USA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


01.Sky Is Falling 00:21
02.OOOUUU ft. Elizabeth Scanlon 02:56
03.No Dead Languages (Vocal Mix) ft. Sad13 04:06
04.Mike Eagle PSA + Bus Stop 02:15
05.This Ecstatic Cult (Zilla Rocca Remix) ft. Killer Mike, Kool AD, Gabriel Bryant 03:52
06.The Heart Is An Atomic Bomb ft. Billy Woods, Porochista Khakpour 02:52
07.Julie Profumo (Brexit Planet Dust) ft. Nikesh Shukla 04:03
08.I've Seen It Before I Was There ft. Moor Mother, Botany 03:46
09.The Feeling When You Walk Away 02:54
10.O Glowing Hunter (Stamper & Lushlife Version) ft. Sut Jhally 04:23
11.Blues For ViJay ft. Little Strike 02:57
12.11 Theses / Anthropocene Dream ft. Jedediah Purdy, Sun Airway 06:04
13.Bashir Loves ELO ft. John Morrison, Visto, Sarah Blake 06:26
14.Totally Mutual Feeling (Video Version) ft. Khruangbin 02:54


Idols + Enemies includes features from artists such as Killer Mike, Moor Mother, Sad13 (Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz), Billy Woods, Khruangbin, and more. In addition to the musical guests, the highly political project includes recordings from several significant activists and academics to provide a wide spectrum of perspectives on the current political climate in America, from voices such as Jedediah Purdy, Nikesh Shukla, and Sut Jhally. Says Lushlife on the project, "November's dystopian presidential election sent all of us looking for answers. My Idols Are Dead + My Enemies Are In Power brings together artists, activists, and academics to explore how we got here, and what to do next. We stand with poor folks, Muslims, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and all Americans against any attack on our civil rights."

To coincide with the release of Idols + Enemies, Lushlife has created a new website that provides contextual information for the project, calls to action, and an integrated Rap Genius-powered lyrics page, where fans can annotate and discuss the full lyrics to the mixtape.

The tape is intended as a direct response to Donald Trump’s election and inauguration, and Lushlife isn’t offering it as a free download -
Lushlife has shared a new mixtape called My Idols Are Dead + My Enemies Are in Power. All proceeds from sales of the tape—available for one dollar or more—will benefit the American Civil Liberties Union, and it features appearances from Killer Mike, Moor Mother, Kool A.D., Sad13, and others.

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Eyes Without a Face (Billy Idol Cover) - Lushlife (Demo)

SNØ "Prologue"

SNØ "Prologue"

SNØ "Prologue"

20 January 2017
R&B / Soul / Hip-Hop / Rap / pop music
Finland, Helsinki


01 December
02 Day By Day
03 Solo
04 Over

It’s the debut EP from the Helsinki based SNØ. He recently won the “breakthrough artist of 2017” vote of YleX, the Finnish equivalent of BBC. In addition to getting recognised as a great songwriter he is getting well known for not giving interviews, or liking those long pitches and biographies. So, without any further A’s B’s or C’s, here the music!

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WILEY "Godfather"

WILEY "Godfather"

WILEY "Godfather"

January 13, 2017
Grime, Hip Hop
Wiley, Chasing the Art Records


01. Birds n Bars
02. Bring Them All / Holy Grime (feat. Devlin)
03. Name Brand (feat. JME, Frisco & J2K)
04. Speakerbox
05. Back With A Banger
06. Joe Bloggs (feat. Newham Generals & President T)
07. Pattern Up Properly (feat. Flowdan & Jamakabi)
08. Can't Go Wrong
09. Bang (feat. Ghetts)
10. U Were Always, Pt.2 (feat. Skepta & Belly)
11. On This (feat. Chip, Ice Kid & Little D)
12. Bait Face (feat. Scratchy)
13. My Direction
14. Like It Or Not (feat. Breeze)
15. Lucid
16. Laptop (feat. Manga)
17. P Money Remix (feat. P Money) (Bonus)

With features from current genre dons Devlin, JME, Frisco, Flowdan and, of course, Skepta, it feels like a celebration of all grime achieved in 2016.

The Guardian -
With grime now back in the zeitgeist, his demeanour on this blockbuster album is of a foreman nodding with satisfaction as he looks across a building site – if they’re not already guesting on it, Wiley is praising his fellow UK MCs almost every other bar.

Clash -
Wiley is as at-home as ever delivering countless punchlines, boasts and perhaps most importantly, reflections on his time as an artist.

Richard Kylea Cowie (born 19 January 1979), better known by his stage name Wiley and in his early career Wiley Kat, is an English rapper, songwriter, musician, record producer and DJ

Godfather is the eleventh and final studio album by English grime MC Wiley. It was released on 13 January 2017 through CTA Records, a record label venture between Wiley and Logan Sama and is distributed by Warner Music Group.

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Wiley "Speaker Box" Official Video

Wiley "U Were Always Pt.2" feat. Skepta & Belly

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MICK HARVEY "Intoxicated Women"

MICK HARVEY "Intoxicated Women"

MICK HARVEY "Intoxicated Women"

January 20, 2017
Cover, Indie Rock


01. Ich Liebe Dich…Ich Dich Auch Nicht
02. All Day Suckers
03. Contact
04. Prévert’s Song
05. The Eyes To Cry
06. Puppet Of Wax, Puppet Of Song
07. Baby Teeth, Wolfy Teeth
08. God Smokes Havanas
09. While Rereading Your Letter
10. Sensuelle Et Sans Suite
11. The Homely Ones
12. Lost Loves
13. Striptease
14. The Drowned One
15. Cargo Cult

MICK HARVEY bands, prod:

New album ‘Intoxicated Women’, the fourth and final volume of Mick Harvey’s series of Serge Gainsbourg translations.

‘Intoxicated Women’ contains many duets and songs written by Gainsbourg, mostly during the 60s, in a period where he was focusing his songwriting on singers such as France Galle, Juliette Greco and most famously, Brigitte Bardot.

Pitchfork -
“Harvey is a cool, calm, plainspoken singer; his true voice has always come through his sense of arrangement, and his ability to render exquisite beauty and apocalyptic clamor with the same brushstroke.”

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Mick Harvey "Deadly Tedium" (Official Video)

PINEGROVE "Elsewhere"

PINEGROVE "Elsewhere"

PINEGROVE "Elsewhere"

January 20, 2017
alternative rock, experimental, indie
USA, Montclair, New Jersey
Run for Cover


1.Visiting (live) 03:18
2.Angelina (live) 01:43
3.Old Friends (live) 03:45
4.Aphasia (live) 05:21
5.Recycling (live) 04:49
6.Cadmium (live) 04:00
7.Size Of The Moon (live) 04:21
8.New Friends (live) 02:59

We're offering Cardinal and the rest of our catalogue up for 'pay what you want' & donating all the proceeds to Southern Poverty Law Center. Please give what you can.

Pinegrove recently wrapped up their full US tour w/ Petal and Kevin Devine, where they recorded a bunch of the shows, compiling the best tracks into a live album they are calling 'Elsehwere'. The album is now avialable for 'pay what you want', or you can purchase a cassette copy to be released next month. In either case, all proceeds are being donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

We recorded these songs towards the end of our tour with Kevin Devine, Petal, & Julien Baker—the last run of a year in which we played almost 200 shows! This release is intended as a thank you letter to everybody who supported us in any way. It was a challenging year, but So rewarding to meet so many wonderful people, & to learn a little more about what this good country is really like. We have found it to be beautiful the whole way through, populated by excellent people everywhere. We thank you sincerely for your help, your love, & your generosity. This tour took us across the United States through the days leading up to the 2016 US election, election day, & the aftermath. We felt consequently that it's an especially good time to do what we can to promote love & equality. As a small gesture of commitment to the cause, this album is available for free or donation, & all profits will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Thanks again.
Love, Evan Stephens Hall

performed by:
Evan Stephens Hall (vocals / guitar)
Nandi Rose Plunkett (vocals / keyboard / percussion)
Josh Marre (guitar / vocals)
Adan Carlo (bass)
Sam Skinner (guitar)
Zack Levine (drums / vocals)

mixed & mastered by: Sam Skinner

all songs written by Evan Stephens Hall
courtesy of Ampersand Logistics

PINEGROVE "Cardinal" LP 2016

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"Then Again" Summer 2016 Tour Video by Pinegrove

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SURF CURSE "Nothing Yet"

SURF CURSE "Nothing Yet"

SURF CURSE "Nothing Yet"

January 13, 2017
punk rock, beach, lo-fi, pop, surf
USA, Reno, Nevada
Danger Collective Records


1.Christine F 01:58
2.Doom Generation 02:25
3.The Strange and the Kind 03:01
4.It Followed Me 02:58
5.Cronenberg 02:26
6.Sleeping 03:25
7.Nostalgia 02:29
8.All is Lost 02:36
9.Falling Apart 03:40

Surf Curse is Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck

Photos by Jade Mainade
Recorded by Andrew James MacKelvie at Snackhouse Productions in Los Angeles 2016
All songs written by Nick Rattigan and Jacob Rubeck

Thank you to Andrew James MacKelvie, Reed Kanter, Aaron Jassenoff, Jackson Katz, Kriten Rodriguez, Nick Minor, Jamie Manelis, Matthew James-Wilsonand J' Dean Derrick

SURF CURSE "Nothing Yet" stream, слухати

Surf Curse "Christine F" video

Surf Curse "All is Lost"

Surf Curse "Goth Babe"

BRANDON CAN'T DANCE "Graveyard of Good Times"

BRANDON CAN'T DANCE "Graveyard of Good Times"

BRANDON CAN'T DANCE "Graveyard of Good Times"

January 13, 2017
electronic, alternative, electropoprock, indie rock rock
USA, Philadelphia, Drexel Hill
Lucky Number Music Ltd


01.Headspace 03:11
02.Smoke & Drive Around 03:07
03.A Greyhound Named Chelsea 02:27
04.Pop Queen of the Teen Scene 03:35
05.Where My Boys At 02:40
06.So Deep, So Tortured, So Freak 01:54
07.She Loves Anime 03:44
08.Fuck Off and We'll Get Along 01:27
09.Rock is Dead 02:53
10.Angelina 03:28
11.The World is Broken 02:03
12.Freak of the Freaks 02:09
13.Don't You Want To 02:33
14.Me Inside Here 03:11
15.Obligatory Star Surfing Song 02:11
16.Believe in Fear 03:55

All songs written and recorded by Brandon Ayres and published by Lucky Number Music.
Mastered by Jason Mitchell @ Loud Mastering.
Photography by Evangeline Barrón. Artwork by Tim Hampson.

Thanks to my family, Zoe and Katie, friends, Chloe, Alex G, Nathan Roberts, Lucky Number, Nick Myers and John Sinclair.

Dedicated to Sean Finan.

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UNIFORM "Wake in Fright"

UNIFORM "Wake in Fright"

UNIFORM "Wake in Fright"

January 20, 2017
Noise Rock, Industrial Rock
USA, New York
Sacred Bones


1.Tabloid 03:15
2.Habit 04:30
3.The Lost 04:49
4.The Light at the End (Cause) 04:36
5.The Killing of America 04:04
6.Bootlicker 05:03
7.Night of Fear 05:01
8.The Light at the End (Effect) 05:52

Wake in Fright, the second full-length by the New York City duo Uniform, is a harrowing exploration of self-medication, painted in the colors of war. Following the Ghosthouse 12", whose A-side Pitchfork called “their most relentless track yet,” vocalist Michael Berdan and guitarist/producer Ben Greenberg return with a new batch of even more punishing songs that incorporate elements of industrial music, thrash metal, harsh noise, and power electronics.

“This record is primarily about psychic transition,” Berdan explained. “The distress that these songs attempt to illustrate comes from a place of stagnation and monotony. This is what happens when old ways of thinking become exhausted and old ways of coping prove ineffective. Something must change or it will break.”

“We are surrounded by war and the whole world is burning and it doesn't seem like there are any appropriate reactions or responses left anymore,” Greenberg elaborated. “This music is our response to and our reflection of the overwhelming violence, chaos, hate, and destruction that confronts us and everyone else in the world every day of our lives. When we play, I don't feel powerless anymore. I hope this record can help others transcend their anger and frustration.”

Uniform formed in New York City in 2013 when old friends Ben Greenberg and Michael Berdan reconnected and realized that they had evolved to a similar place musically. Wanting as intimate an experience as possible, they decided to keep the project a two-man show, eschewing a live rhythm section for programmed drums and low-end synths, augmented with Greenberg's guitar and Berdan's vocals.

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Uniform “Tabloid”

Uniform "The Killing of America" (Official Audio)

Uniform "The Killing of America" (Official Music Video)

MENACE BEACH "Lemon Memory"

MENACE BEACH "Lemon Memory"

MENACE BEACH "Lemon Memory"

January 20, 2017
alternative rock, indie rock, shoegaze
Leeds, UK
Memphis Industries


01.Give Blood 03:13
02.Maybe We'll Drown 03:37
03.Sentimental 02:32
04.Lemon Memory 03:34
05.Can't Get a Haircut 04:20
06.Darlatoid 03:12
07.Suck it Out 03:23
08.Owl 04:45
09.Watch Me Boil 02:46
10.Hexbreaker II 05:42

Menace Beach, Leeds based Liza Violet and Ryan Needham, will be releasing their new album “Lemon Memory” on 20 January 2017.

Written in Ibiza and recorded in Sheffield with Ross Orton (MIA, Arctic Monkeys, The Fall) “Lemon Memory” is in part an effort to lift a citrus based curse – trust us, it’s a real thing - Ryan and Liza believe was placed on their house, via the hexbreaking power of music. It’s also the sound of a band finding their own identity, edging closer to some sort of grimy truth.

Loud and Quiet -
Ultimately ... the problems with ‘Lemon Memory’ are two-fold: first, the songs aren’t distinctive enough but secondly – and much more damagingly – they rarely resolve into anything particularly exciting.

The Line of Best Fit -
Lemon Memory is a markedly different creature to the Leeds band's debut and all the stronger and more tantalising for it - Menace Beach seem to be taking the opportunity of a rather ominous looking 2017 to create a pretty attractive alternative musical universe for them and their fans to inhabit.

The Guardian -
An impressive leap forwards.

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Menace Beach "Maybe We'll Drown" video

Menace Beach "Suck It Out"

Menace Beach "Holidays are Heavy" 2015

AFI "AFI (The Blood Album)"

AFI "AFI (The Blood Album)"

AFI "AFI (The Blood Album)"

January 20, 2017
Punk Rock / Alternative Rock
United States (Ukiah, CA)
Concord Records


01. Dark Snow (03:17)
02. Still A Stranger (02:49)
03. Aurelia (02:53)
04. Hidden Knives (02:56)
05. Get Hurt (03:43)
06. Above The Bridge (03:28)
07. So Beneath You (03:18)
08. Snow Cats (03:20)
09. Dumb Kids (02:40)
10. Pink Eyes (03:27)
11. Feed From The Floor (04:09)
12. White Offerings (02:50)
13. She Speaks The Language (04:00)
14. The Wind That Carries Me Away (03:38)

Pitchfork -
Perhaps it’s all worth it if The Blood Album spurs a rejuvenated interest in Sing the Sorrow and Black Sails on the Sunset, but the triumphant return of AFI is still ready when they are.

The 405 -
While AFI (The Blood Album) may not have the mainstream crossover potential that the band enjoyed a decade ago with Sing the Sorrow and DECEMBERUNDERGROUND, it is still a highly enjoyable album that both diehard fans and anyone looking for massive rock hooks alike should enjoy, despite faltering a bit toward the end.

Alternative Press -
Epic-sounding and true to that signature AFI sound, AFI (The Blood Album) will be a record that stands out for hardcore fans, while picking up some new ones along the way. The fire is definitely still inside AFI.

Davey Havok - lead vocals, lyrics
Jade Puget - guitars, keyboard, programming, piano, backing vocals
Hunter Burgan - bass, keyboard, programming, backing vocals
Adam Carson - drums, percussion, backing vocals

AFI "AFI (The Blood Album)" stream, слухати

AFI "Snow Cats" (Lyric Video)

AFI "Snow Cats"

AFI "White Offerings" video