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February 25, 2015
punk, indie rock
New York, USA
SideOneDummy Records


01.Get Old Forever 03:19
02.You, In Weird Cities 03:39
03.Novelty Sweater 02:41
04.Nausea 02:44
05.Beers Again Alone 03:14
06.I'm Serious, I'm Sorry 02:47
07.Hey Allison! 01:51
08.Polar Bear Or Africa 03:45
09.Hall Of Fame 02:19
10.All Blissed Out 03:33
11.The Lows 03:06
12.Darkness Records 03:23

Jeff Rosenstock після розпаду Bomb the Music Industry! почав сольну кар'єру та потрапив до команди SideOneDummy Records.

Recorded from May 12 - 16, 2014 by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto, CA.

Additional recording by Jeff Rosenstock at Quote Unquote Records (Brooklyn, NY) and Laura Stevenson’s Mom’s House (Rockville Centre, NY) in May 2014.

Mixed & Mastered by Jack Shirley.

Cover photo by Andrew Kodama.

The bulk of this record was made by John DeDomenici (bass, bonus drums), Kevin Higuchi (drums, tambourine), Mike Huguenor (guitar, bonus vocals) and Jeff Rosenstock (singing, guitar, keys, bonus everything).

Hi, it's me JEFF ROSENSTOCK. I write these descriptions and it's hard to write one for your own record, but here I go. This is the first record I've made with a band since Bomb the Music Industry! We recorded with Jack Shirley and we tried to make pop songs that got real weird and gross. This is a split release with SideOneDummy - they were cool enough to let me put this up for free, so if you like it please consider purchasing a record, donating or if you're broke just share it with some buddies. This music is here for you regardless of your income. Hope to see ya one day!!

Recorded by Jack Shirley (Joyce Manor, Deafheaven), whose Bay area Atomic Garden studio played host to Rosenstock’s new band, We Cool? is sonically ambitious, overdriven, and immediate. Along with a band featuring Hard Girls guitarist Mike Huguenor, Bruce Lee Band drummer Kevin Higuchi, and former Bomb bassist John DeDomenici, the foundation of each song was recorded live to tape inside of a day. We Cool? layers its harmonies, organs, and clarinets on top of this energetic, barebones base, recalling earlier melodic motifs or creating massive climaxes that carry the listener through its twelve songs. With additional elements added in the customary New York apartments and parents’ homes that Rosenstock is known for, every song here possesses its own unique character, from the ‘90s post-punk dirge of “I’m Serious, I’m Sorry” to the vintage power-pop of “Hey Allison!.”
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