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RELOADED (Velvet Underground "Loaded" Tribute Album)

RELOADED (Velvet Underground "Loaded" Tribute Album)

RELOADED (Velvet Underground "Loaded" Tribute Album)

October 27, 2015
rock, blues rock, experimental, krautrock, psychedelic
Sydney, Australia


01.Burn Antares - Who Loves The Sun 04:36
02.The Grease Arrestor - Sweet Jane 05:53
03.The Pinheads - Rock & Roll 03:58
04.Bad Valley - Cool It Down 05:34
05.Raindrop - New Age 07:37
06.UPSKIRTS - Head Held High 03:19
07.Salvador Dali Llama - Lonesome Cowboy Bill 05:13
08.Lizzy Cross & The Infinity Snake - I Found A Reason 07:25
09.Dluna - Train Round The Bend 02:56
10.Montes Jura - Oh! Sweet Nuthin' 07:38

Velvet Underground в 1970 видали альбом "Loaded", який є класикою рок-музики.
The Sydney Underground представили "Reloaded" - його сучасну адаптацію.

It’s almost been 45 years since the legendary Velvet Underground record Loaded was released. To celebrate, 10 psych bands from Sydney and Wollongong have banned together to pay tribute, each one covering a Velvet Underground classic to be put on a compilation appropriately titled, Reloaded.

Curated by Sydney band Montes Jura, the tribute compilation will feature modern interpretations of the record by Burn Antares, The Pinheads, Upskirts, Salvador Dali Llama, Raindrop, The Grease Arrestor, Bad Valley, D’Luna, Lizzy Cross & The Infinity Snake and Montes Jura themselves.

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