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September 16, 2016
alternative, garage rock, indie rock, psych, psychedelic rock
Copenhagen, Denmark
Bad Afro Records


1.Reality 05:27
2.21st Century Slave 03:32
3.Open Doors 03:07
4.Mind Control Machine 04:52
5.Peace 02:26
6.Freedom 03:07
7.Red The Signpost 02:57
8.Mantra 03:16
9.Termination 08:27

Baby Woodrose is an iconic band on the Danish psych scene who released their debut album Blows Your Mind back in 2001. Long before psychedelic music had a revival frontman Lorenzo Woodrose and his band came up with their own mix of psych, garage and stoner rock which they have refined during the years. The new album is called Freedom and is due out September 16th 2016 on Bad Afro Records.

Freedom is the 7th album by Baby Woodrose and is released more than four years after the previous album Third Eye Surgery came out in 2012. In the meantime Lorenzo has been busy with his other band Spids Nøgenhat who gained a lot of popularity in Denmark and won two Danish Grammies for the album “Kommer Med Fred”. Best rock album of the year and Best live band of the year.

The title Freedom reflects on the current state of our society and how it affects us all. Consciously or not. The album introduces the modern slave song.

Lorenzo Woodrose: “The inspiration for the album came from the title track, a cover we have been playing around with for about a year. Mostly known for the version Richie Havens improvised on Woodstock in 1969, it is actually a much older song, known as a gospel tune, a negro spiritual or a "slave song". This expression gave me the idea to write modern day slave songs, so all the songs on the new album deal with mind control, brainwash, hamster wheels, slavery and oppression”.

Baby Woodrose is a rock band formed in Copenhagen in 2001.

Lorenzo Woodrose – Vocals, guitar
Hans Beck – Drums
Mads Saaby – Guitar
Kåre Joensen – Bass
Anders Skjødt – Organ

BABY WOODROSE "Freedom" stream, слухати



Baby Woodrose "Countdown To Breakdown" /2009/

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October 14, 2016
punk, indie rock
New York, USA
SideOneDummy Records


01.We Begged 2 Explode 03:44
02.Pash Rash 01:42
03.Festival Song 02:54
04.Staring Out The Window At Your Old Apartment 03:21
05.Wave To Goodnight To Me 02:59
06.To Be A Ghost... 04:02
07.Pietro, 60 Years Old 00:38
08.I Did Something Weird Last Night 03:11
09.Blast Damage Days 02:54
10.Bang On The Door 01:02
11.Rainbow 01:30
12.Planet Luxury 00:29
14.June 21st 01:03
15.The Fuzz 01:58
16....While You're Alive 01:53
17.Perfect Sound Whatever 02:35

Hello. I'm Jeff Rosenstock (ex - BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!). In 2007 I started a free/donation-based digital label called Quote Unquote Records. I also used to be in the band Bomb the Music Industry! and then that band stopped. Now I just do this stuff. Hope you like it!

WORRY. was recorded at the Panoramic House with Jack Shirley sitting in the control room with a tear in his eye, dreaming of darker days...

# 1 - For The Win
# 11 - Noisey
# 44 - Sputnikmusic
# 19 - The Needle Drop

Consequence of Sound -
WORRY. feels like the true start of Rosenstock’s solo career, with a backing band that is finally locked in, a record label 100 percent behind him, and a tower of critical accolades growing taller each day.

Exclaim! -
With WORRY., Rosenstock builds on last year's We Cool? not by dealing himself a new hand, but by stacking his cards a little higher. The fast songs are faster, the slow songs are slower and the big songs are bigger.

JEFF ROSENSTOCK "We Cool?" February 25, 2015

JEFF ROSENSTOCK "WORRY." stream, слухати

JEFF ROSENSTOCK "Wave Goodnight To Me" video

JEFF ROSENSTOCK "Planet Luxury" (Official Video)

JEFF ROSENSTOCK "Blast Damage Days" video

JEFF ROSENSTOCK "Wave To Goodnight To Me" video

Jeff Rosenstock "Pash Rash" (Official Video)

HONEYMOON COWBOYS "STILL "liberating the west"

HONEYMOON COWBOYS "STILL "liberating the west"

HONEYMOON COWBOYS "STILL "liberating the west"

May 6, 2016
alternative rock, darkwave, newwave


01.Time is not our Friend 06:10
02.Everything is on Fire 04:24
03.Still (a song for V) 03:50
04.Sea without Mercy 04:47
05.Broken Men 04:11
06.When The Sky paints blue 03:46
07.Up on the Hill 05:35
08.Closed Souls 02:54
09.Broken Men Live Version 04:20
10.The Pain Came 05:05
11.No One is Innocent 04:56
12.Waiting for a Friend 03:57

Dark and gloomy sounds from the Wild West with great passion and a touch of joy.
HONEYMOON COWBOYS are a Belgian band formed by Antonio Palermo (guitar) and  Klaas Hoogerwaard (drums), both of ex-Siglo XX, together with Tom Van Troyen (vocals) of Spiral of Silence, Kris Dries (bass, guitar) and Thomas François (keyboards, piano).

album by Honeymoon Cowboys ( Ex Siglo XX)...
Siglo XX is a group from Limburg (Belgium) who made gloomy and doomy wave-music in the eighties à la Joy Division. Their name stems from an anarchist movement during the Spanish civil war.

Today, more than 25 years later, Siglo XX ex-members formed HONEYMOON COWBOYS.     Dark rock sounds, with a gloomy touch due to the piano/ synth makes a direct bond with the latest period of Siglo XX.  As if HONEYMOON COWBOYS has pursued the legacy where Siglo XX stopped it.
Those lucky ones who already witnessed their try out gigs or their rememberable concert at the Eurorock festival (2015) will confirm this for sure.

Honeymoon Cowboys "STILL "liberating the west" stream, слухати

Honeymoon Cowboys "STILL "liberating the west" stream