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HONEYMOON COWBOYS "STILL "liberating the west"

HONEYMOON COWBOYS "STILL "liberating the west"

HONEYMOON COWBOYS "STILL "liberating the west"

May 6, 2016
alternative rock, darkwave, newwave


01.Time is not our Friend 06:10
02.Everything is on Fire 04:24
03.Still (a song for V) 03:50
04.Sea without Mercy 04:47
05.Broken Men 04:11
06.When The Sky paints blue 03:46
07.Up on the Hill 05:35
08.Closed Souls 02:54
09.Broken Men Live Version 04:20
10.The Pain Came 05:05
11.No One is Innocent 04:56
12.Waiting for a Friend 03:57

Dark and gloomy sounds from the Wild West with great passion and a touch of joy.
HONEYMOON COWBOYS are a Belgian band formed by Antonio Palermo (guitar) and  Klaas Hoogerwaard (drums), both of ex-Siglo XX, together with Tom Van Troyen (vocals) of Spiral of Silence, Kris Dries (bass, guitar) and Thomas François (keyboards, piano).

album by Honeymoon Cowboys ( Ex Siglo XX)...
Siglo XX is a group from Limburg (Belgium) who made gloomy and doomy wave-music in the eighties à la Joy Division. Their name stems from an anarchist movement during the Spanish civil war.

Today, more than 25 years later, Siglo XX ex-members formed HONEYMOON COWBOYS.     Dark rock sounds, with a gloomy touch due to the piano/ synth makes a direct bond with the latest period of Siglo XX.  As if HONEYMOON COWBOYS has pursued the legacy where Siglo XX stopped it.
Those lucky ones who already witnessed their try out gigs or their rememberable concert at the Eurorock festival (2015) will confirm this for sure.

Honeymoon Cowboys "STILL "liberating the west" stream, слухати

Honeymoon Cowboys "STILL "liberating the west" stream

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