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JENNY BESETZT "Tender Madness"

JENNY BESETZT "Tender Madness"

JENNY BESETZT "Tender Madness"

July 15, 2016
pop rock, dream pop, post-punk, shoegaze
Greensboro, North Carolina, USA
Friends Records


1.Authorless Speech 03:45
2.Black As The Night 05:03
3.Dorothy Everything's Fine 03:22
4.Kanizsa Triangle 02:21
5.Lunar Talks 03:31
6.Restlessness Memorialized 04:13
7.Tender Madness 04:49
8.The Rabbit 05:28

John Wollaber - Vocals/Guitar/Keys
Brad Morton - Vocals/Guitar
Thomas McNeely - Bass
Hunter Allen - Drums

All Songs written by Jenny Besetzt
Engineered and Mixed by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business
Mastered by Carl Saff
"Bicycle On Stone" by Yuri Carle

“…a sound that explores childhood nostalgia and literary imagery yet never feels too retrospective or sappy because of the fierce energy expressing it. Jenny Besetzt make music in this space, a woozy earphone-filling style that you’ll find yourself wanting to hear up on your feet dancing to and while lying in bed drifting to sleep.”
-David Ford Smith, Decoder Magazine

Jenny Besetzt would like to thank Kris Hilbert, Justin Flythe, Wing Dam, Kent Corley, Katei Cranford, Sara Bell, Jimmy and Everyone at Friends Records.

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