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PEACHES "Rub: Remixed"

PEACHES "Rub: Remixed"

PEACHES "Rub: Remixed"

May 27, 2016
Electroclash, Synthpop, Hip Hop, Electro House
I U She


01. Close Up Maya Jane Coles/Nocturnal Sunshine Remix) [04:53]
02. Rub (Paula Temple Remix) [04:18]
03. Dick in the Air (#Entertainment Remix) [02:42]
04. Dick in the Air (Evvol Remix) [07:15]
05. Pickles (Lauren Flax 'Acid' Remix) [05:06]
06. Sick in the Head (Simonne Jones Remix) [03:35]
07. Free Drink Ticket (Neven Remix) [03:58]
08. How You Like My Cut (Zi·r Remix) [03:26]
09. Vaginoplasty (feat. Simonne Jones) [Planningtorock 'Vagina' Rework] [05:18]
10. Vaginoplasty (feat. Simonne Jones) [Maya Postepski Remix] [06:35]
11. Light in Places (Kim Anh 'STARGASM' Remix) [05:34]
12. Dumb Fuck (Maya Postepski Remix) [07:18]
13. I Mean Something (feat. Feist) [JD Samson Remix] [04:25]

Peaches has assembled a killer line-up of producers to remix her latest album, Rub. 'Rub Remixed' features updates, reworks and club bangers from Maya Janes Coles Nocturnal Sunshine, CREEP's Lauren Flax, Paula Temple, Planningtorock, Austra's Maya Postepski and more. Released on double vinyl and digital only, 'Rub Remixed' traverses acid techno, hard house, trap, deep electro, booty bass and future beats, bringing Peaches' original production and vocals front, centre and to dizzying new heights. For fans of: Maya Jane Coles, Paula Temple, #entertainment, Evvol, Lauren Flax, Simonne Jones, Nadine Neven, Ziu 769;r, Planningtorock, Maya Postepski/Austra, Kim Anh, JD Samson.

Limited quantity double LP of remixes from Peaches 'Rub'. Featuring remixes from JD Samson, Maya Jane Coles, Kim Anh, Paula Temple, Planningtorock, etc.

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Peaches "Vaginoplasty" (Planningtorock 'Vagina Rework')