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Sadat X "Agua"

Sadat X "Agua"

Sadat X "Agua"

July 15, 2016
Underground Rap
USA, New York
Tommy Boy Entertainment, LLC


01.Freeze 04:32
02.The City Never Sleeps (feat. Wordsworth) 02:37
03.Taken 03:20
04.Industry Outcast's (feat. R.A. The Rugged Man & Thirstin Howl III) 03:47
05.Head Shot 03:07
06.Agua 03:29
07.Cut and Dry (feat. Lord Jamar) 03:56
08.Tell 'Em Again (feat. DV Alias Khrist) 04:07
09.The Return of the Dottie X (feat. Milano & Shabaam Sahdeeq) 03:55
10.Imagine (feat. Rhymefest & Jabar) 03:44
11.The Bass Player 03:41
12.Murder Soundtrack (feat. AFRO & Rahzel The Legend) 02:29
13.Same Shit, Different Day (feat. UG Cella Dwellaz) 02:54
14.Da' Hustle Don’t Stop (feat. ED OG & Fokis) 02:56
15.Maybe It’s Me (feat. Dres) 04:13
16.Tommy is My Boy 03:33
17.We Strive (feat. Dres) 03:08
18.Nobody (feat. LoVel) 03:23

Новый, 12-й по счету студийный альбом ветерана рэп-музыки и участника группы Brand Nubian - Sadat X.

One fourth of the legendary Hip Hop group Brand Nubian, Sadat X is slated to release his 12th Studio album entitled "AGUA" on Tommy Boy Entertainment.  Comprised of 18 new tracks, the quiet bald head with the golden voice has teamed up with an all-star production team (Pete Rock, Diamond D, DJ Scratch, Will Tell and more) and has enlisted a crew of Hip-Hop heavyweights to feature on the project (Lord Jamar, Dres, R.A. The Rugged man, Rahzel, A.F.R.O., Rhyme Fest, Ed O.G., Thirstin Howl III, DV Alias Krist, Wordsworth, Shabam Sahdeeq, and Milano Constantine).  The culmination of years perfecting his craft, an unimaginable amount of hours spent in the studio, and raw unadulterated lyrical skill, “AGUA”, is sure to be one of the highlights of Sadat’s solo career.

Guests: R.A. The Rugged Man, EDO.G, Lord Jamar (of Brand Nubian), Rhymefest, Shabam Sahdeeq, Thirstin Howl III, UG (of Cella Dwellaz), Wordsworth, A.F.R.O, DV Alias Khrist, Dres (of Black Sheep), Fokis, Jabar, LoVel, Milano, Rahzel.

Producers: Pete Rock, Diamond D (of D.I.T.C.), Da Beatminerz, Nick Wiz, DJ Scratch, Easy Mo Bee, UG (of Cella Dwellaz), Will Tell, IDE, Dub Sonata, The Extraordinary Gentleman, Fokis.

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