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AGENCY "I Know I'm in Flames"

AGENCY "I Know I'm in Flames"

AGENCY "I Know I'm in Flames"

July 25, 2016
Australia, canberra
Sonic Masala Records


1.Buffaloes 04:28
2.Drive it Down 05:50
3.Turned in 02:13
4.Comatose (Drone) 01:57

Featuring current and ex-members of Hoodlum Shouts, Spartak, A Drone Coda and Tangents, Agency are one of the most original acts to emerge from Australia's capital city. With grinding angular guitars, sludge smeared bass lines, and haywire vocals, the four-piece ooze a uniquely chaotic energy that's all their own that fans of Hot Snakes, Fugazi, Sonic Youth and Deerhunter will love.

The songs on this EP were recorded in the bands rehearsal space-slash-the hellosQuare studio, best known as Brick Lane. They spent a few days doing their first album in an external space back at the end of 2015 but they decided that they wanted to develop a whole selection of new songs with more time and not rush the process. Some of the songs on this EP and the one to follow it in a few months time will feature on the next album, which we are looking to record in early 2017.

diy noise punk mess featuring current and ex-members of hoodlum shouts, spartak and a drone coda.

Shoeb Ahmad - guitars, vocals, etc | Hew Atkin - guitars, vocals | Josh Bates - drums | Luke Robert - bass, vocals | Eadie Newman - vocals on Buffaloes

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