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FIALTA "Shadow of a Drought"

FIALTA "Shadow of a Drought"

FIALTA "Shadow of a Drought"

July 15, 2016
electronic, indie pop, rock, alternative, baroque pop, chamber, dream pop
San Luis Obispo, California, USA


01.Be Someone 04:05
02.Another Lonely Heart 04:04
03.Turn Your Head 04:30
04.Art Talk 04:07
05.Do the Best We Can 04:08
06.Burning On Empty 03:42
07.Subway State 04:43
08.Give Up Your Ghosts 04:29
09.On the Run 04:50
10.Queen of the Night 03:58
11.Central Sun 05:19
12.Lullaby 05:21

"Do the Best We Can" - Best Summer Pop Song of 2016" - Paste Magazine

Fialta is a dual-couple quartet from California specializing in ornate indie pop rich with multi-harmonies, keyboards, ukulele, and electronic elements.

We are David, Beth, Mike and Sarah --four best friends making fun music and loving life in San Luis Obispo, California! In 2013, we released our debut album, Summer Winter, and are currently hard at work on our second! We'd love to hear from you.

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