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DEERHOOF "The Magic"

DEERHOOF "The Magic"

DEERHOOF "The Magic"

June 24, 2016
experimental pop, indie rock
San Francisco, California, USA


01.The Devil and his Anarchic Surrealist Retinue 03:14
02.Kafe Mania! 02:43
03.That Ain't No Life To Me 01:52
04.Life is Suffering 03:36
05.Criminals of the Dream 05:00
06.Model Behavior 02:35
07.Learning to Apologize Effectively 03:15
08.Dispossessor 02:09 VIDEO
09.I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire 01:36
10.Acceptance Speech 03:00
11.Patrasche Come Back 00:47
12.Debut 02:54
13.Plastic Thrills 02:01
14.Little Hollywood 02:56
15.Nurse Me 02:41

The version of Deerhoof you hear on The Magic is a most punch-drunk proposition. Everyone showed up in the mood to sing. Satomi, Greg, John and Ed dream up alchemies of punk, pop, glam, hair metal, doo-wop, hip hop, and R&B, late-night car rides, long days, attitude and spandex. Poetry into noise. Volume knob into gratification. Friendship into rock band.

NOW Magazine -
It's in this fine balance between control and abandon, tension and resolution, that Deerhoof thrive. The Magic is not their best album, but it's an excellent Deerhoof album, and they are the greatest of all time at what they do.

The 405 -
The Magic is a superb pop album. It doesn't relinquish substance for catchiness and doesn't dive head-first into reckless abandon throwing any semblance of cohesiveness to the dogs.

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