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WEAVES "Weaves"

WEAVES "Weaves"

WEAVES "Weaves"

June 17, 2016
punk, electroni,c noise pop
Toronto, Canada
Kanine Records (US), Buzz Records (CAN) & Memphis industries (ROW)


01.Tick 02:57
02.Birds & Bees 03:06
03.Candy 03:09
04.Shithole 02:59
05.Eagle 03:44
06.Two Oceans 03:58
07.Human 03:40
08.Coo Coo 03:37
09.Sentence 04:02
10.One More 02:30
11.Stress 04:21

Consequence of Sound -
Weaves’ music is difficult to pin down, yet undeniably memorable. A distinctive wonky guitar sound, commanding vocals, and disobedient rhythms create something beautifully unhinged and challenging.

Exclaim! -
Between laughter, woozy instrumentals and joyous, stop-start rhythms, Weaves has an undeniable feeling of fun surrounding it. As a debut, it perfectly captures the band's personality and sound: captivating, incomparable and deliciously unique.

Jasmyn Burke - Vocals
Morgan Waters - Guitar
Zach Bines - Bass
Spencer Cole - Drums

Organs and synths by Bram Gielen

All songs written by Jasmyn Burke and Morgan Waters
All lyrics by Jasmyn Burke
Produced by Weaves

All songs recorded by Leon Taheny at Union Sound and Candle Recording
Except One More and Two Oceans recorded by Josh Korody at Candle Recording
Additional overdubs recorded at Blockbuster by Dorian Thornton
Organ recorded by Alexandre Bonenfant at Noble Street
All songs mixed by Alex Newport
Except Candy and Shithole which were mixed by Leon Taheny
Coo Coo was mixed by Nick Stumpf
and Eagle mixed by Weaves

Additional mixing on Tick by Noah Giffin
Additional mixing and sonic manipulations on Sentence by Matt Smith
Vocal effect stuff on Human by Dan Griffin
Mastered by John Greenham

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