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MITSKI "Puberty 2"

MITSKI "Puberty 2"

MITSKI "Puberty 2"

June 17, 2016
Indie Pop, Indie Rock, singer-songwriter
New York, USA
Dead Oceans


01.Happy 03:40
02.Dan the Dancer 02:25
03.Once More to See You 03:00
04.Fireworks 02:37
05.Your Best American Girl 03:32
06.I Bet on Losing Dogs 02:50
07.My Body's Made of Crushed Little Stars 01:56
08.Thursday Girl 03:08
09.A Loving Feeling 01:32
10.Crack Baby 04:52
11.A Burning Hill 01:49

Consequence of Sound -
While this might sound like dangerous territory for an artist who’s known for searing riffs and vicious live performances that include screaming into the pickups of her guitar, Mitski uses her voice to measure the slightest nuances within complex emotions.

Spin -
It’s a high-watermark of post-irony indie, a cracked safe of perspectives previously unheard in lump-throated punk. It plays like a sketchbook, but you’ll grow to hum every Sharpie stroke.

Loud and Quiet -
‘Puberty 2’ features all of those teenage troughs, and the confusing, thrilling peaks too – the starry eyes, manic ambition and constant distraction of sex.

Ask Mitski Miyawaki about happiness and she'll warn you: “Happiness fucks you.” It's a lesson that's been writ large into the New Yorker's gritty, outsider-indie for years, but never so powerfully as on her newest album, 'Puberty 2'. “Happiness is up, sadness is down, but one's almost more destructive than the other,” she says. “When you realise you can't have one without the other, it's possible to spend periods of happiness just waiting for that other wave.” On 'Puberty 2', that tension is palpable: a both beautiful and brutal romantic hinterland, in which one of America’s new voices hits a brave new stride.

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MITSKI "Puberty 2" stream

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