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GOODBYE LUCY GREY "Beautifully Broken"

GOODBYE LUCY GREY "Beautifully Broken"

GOODBYE LUCY GREY "Beautifully Broken"

June 10, 2016
alternative, pop punk, indie, hardcore
USA, Minnesota, Saint Cloud


1.Separated 03:44
2.Sleepwalker 04:40
3.New Shampoo 03:38
4.The Doctor's Wife 05:57
5.Healing Hands 05:03
6.The Slip (bonus track) 05:13
7.Nuclear (bonus Track) 04:59

Using intense music to convey the minds of mentally and emotionally broken people...

1.Nostalgia and the feeling of regret that can come with it.
2.The burden of sleep paralysis and anxiety.
3.Insanity, obsessions, and impulses.
4.Fictional wonder and discovering.
5.Co-dependency and confiding in one another.
6.Depression and the toxic pain it can cause in a relationship.
7.The acknowledgment of flaws while seeking a friend for the night.

This is Beautifully Broken.

Songs written and performed by members of Goodbye Lucy Grey
Recording and mixing done by Andy Mathison and Ben Drake
Mastering done by Ben Drake
Art work and modeled by Maria Crabb.

GLG would like to thank all of our friends and family who have supported us during our journey. We'd also like to once again thank everyone involved in making of this EP!

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