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SWANS "The Glowing Man"

SWANS "The Glowing Man"

SWANS "The Glowing Man"

June 17, 2016
Post-Punk / Industrial / Experimental
USA, New York, New York
Young God, Mute


1.Cloud of Forgetting 12:43
2.Cloud of Unknowing 25:12
3.The World Looks Red / The World Looks Black 14:27
4.People Like Us 04:32
5.Frankie M 20:58
6.When Will I Return 05:26
7.The Glowing Man 28:50
8.Finally, Peace 06:15

Slant Magazine -
A defiantly draining listen that's also weirdly uplifting in its ruthless pursuit of a singular vision, The Glowing Man confirms that Gira is an unparalleled artist operating at a strange experimental nexus, somewhere outside the defined borders of folk, metal, classical, and drone.

Michael Gira – vocals, electric and acoustic guitar; Norman Westberg – electric guitar, vocals; Kristof Hahn – lap steel guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals; Phil Puleo – drums, dulcimer, knocks, vocals; Christopher Pravdica – bass guitar, vocals; Thor Harris – percussion, vibes, bells, dulcimer. Hit Man and 7th Swan: Bill Rieflin – drums, piano, synth, Mellotron, bass guitar, electric guitar, vocals.
Guest Musicians: Jennifer Gira sings the lead vocal on ‘When Will I Return?’ The cello solo on ‘Cloud of Unknowing’ was graciously provided by the ferocious improviser, Okkyung Lee.

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