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DJ SHADOW "The Mountain Will Fall"

DJ SHADOW "The Mountain Will Fall"

DJ SHADOW "The Mountain Will Fall"

June 24, 2016
electronic, hip hop, rap
California, USA,
Mass Appeal


01.The Mountain Will Fall 04:36
02.Nobody Speak feat. Run The Jewels 03:15 video
03.Three Ralphs
04.Bergschrund feat. Nils Frahm 04:10
05.The Sideshow feat. Ernie Fresh 03:28
06.Depth Charge
08.Ashes To Oceans feat. Matthew Halsall
09.Pitter Patter feat. G Jones & Bleep Bloop
11.Ghost Town
12.Suicide Pact

DJ Shadow, widely acknowledged as a crucial figure in the development of experimental, instrumental hip-hop, will return with ‘The Mountain Will Fall’ worldwide on June 24 via Mass Appeal Records [and Believe Digital in France], his first full length release since 2011. The 12-track album finds DJ Shadow exploring new realms in addition to the deep samples and kinetic soundscapes that helped to launch his career 20 years ago. On ‘The Mountain Will Fall’ he’s shifted further toward original composition, a vast experimentation of beats and textures, synthesizers and live instruments including horns and woodwinds. The album features Run The Jewels, Nils Frahm, Matthew Halsall, Ernie Fresh and more.

DJ Shadow (born Josh Davis) is widely credited as a key figure in developing the experimental instrumental hip-hop style associated with the London-based Mo’ Wax label. Inspired by hip-hop’s early years, he then grew to absorb the heyday of crews like Eric B. & Rakim, Ultramagnetic MCs, and Public Enemy; groups which prominently featured DJs in their ranks.

Consequence of Sound -
This kind of bounce between controlled flow and abrupt mess could be an attempt at keeping the audience on its toes, but it doesn’t show that intentionality.

‘The Mountain Will Fall’ sounds, at best, like a decent mixtape made by someone with pretty good taste. Thing is, you can probably make one of those yourself.

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DJ SHADOW "The Mountain Will Fall" stream

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