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MONOGRAPHIC "Monographic"

MONOGRAPHIC "Monographic"

MONOGRAPHIC "Monographic"

June 13, 2016
alternative, cold wave, gothic, indie, new wave, post-punk
Hamburg, Germany
Manic Depression Records


1.Sail Away 03:16
2.Stranded Deep 04:23
3.The House 03:38
4.The Light 03:50
5.Never Smile 03:36
6.Alright 03:52
7.Before the Night 05:06
8.BAS 04:39
9.Bellade 04:11

MONOGRAPHIC is a Post-Punk quartet based in Hamburg, Germany. Formed in 2014 by Ric Freymann (Lead Guitar), Lothar Barnet (Bass), Moids Multimuerte (Drums) and Björn Ullmann (Vocals, Guitar). The band features powerful drum beats, hypnotic bass lines, and dreamy guitars; creating layers that intrinsically match the textures of the intense but still melodic vocals. In December 2015 the band records its first studio album at Brazil Studios in Madrid, Spain. The album is a landscape and a mixture of the different influences of each one of its members. From The Stooges to Slowdive, from The Brian Jonestown Massacre to The Cramps, from proto-punk to nowadays wave...

As a result you will find a band in constant evolution but at the same time true to its roots. MONOGRAPHIC are PASSION and will blow you away with their self titled LP.

Modern and uncommon waves of punked up psychedelia.

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