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SINAI VESSEL "Brokenlegged"

SINAI VESSEL "Brokenlegged"

SINAI VESSEL "Brokenlegged"

January 27, 2017
rock, emo, indie, punk
USA, North Carolina
Tiny Engines


1.Looseleaf 03:56
2.Ramekin 03:32
3.Laughlin 03:30
4.Down With The Hull 04:06
5.Dogs 03:49
6.Birthblood 03:42
7.Died On My Birthday 03:22
8.Cork Of Worry 04:26

The album scored a 7.7 on Pitchfork!

Spin called it "2017's first crucial release."

Brooklyn Vegan named it one of their five notable releases of the week!
Brokenlegged is a rich and multifaceted emo record, exploring not only the expected moments of catharsis, but the hangovers that arise in their aftermath. - Pitchfork

Judging by the shot gracing 2017’s first crucial release, Sinai Vessel’s captivating Brokenlegged, the future’s still in wide open spaces. - Spin

Brokenlegged sounds hard-won and fully-formed, as evidenced by its lead single “Dogs.” Cordes’ dense and transcendental lyricism is on full display - Stereogum

Brokenlegged is one of those albums where it feels like every song could’ve been the single...the whole album sounds battered and unpolished, but still gorgeous and clear as day. - Brooklyn Vegan

You can practically hear the flesh fall off the bone on songs as raw as “Looseleaf,” but also an underlying strength when facing the darkness on the bleak “Dogs.” - Stereogum

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