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PSEUDONYM "Pack of Lies"

PSEUDONYM "Pack of Lies"

PSEUDONYM "Pack of Lies"

January 1, 2017
diy rock, alternative pop, indie pop, power pop
USA, San Francisco, California
Trivial Pop Songs


01.i'm fine 01:37
02.all the little things 02:52
03.dumb one 04:29
04.i don't care about love 02:31
05.victimless crime 02:59
06.only life 03:19
07.don't leave me this way 03:10
08.we had a deal 02:17
09.she's upside down 03:02
10.lorraine 03:06
11.tragedy 02:59
12.round and round 03:13
13.someone like you 02:18
14.foreign talk 02:53 party 02:41

Pseudonym is a band consisting of me, Paul Desjarlais, and other real or imaginary people. Back in Boston a long time ago I used to play bass for The Uncalled Four, and then for Haberland. After that I released a cassette album called Pabz, and later a CD called Pig Tail World. Now I live in San Francisco and I record songs when I get a chance and sometimes post albums online.

Pseudonym is:
Paul Desjarlais - vocals
Cliff Notes - bass
Waylan Solo - guitar
Gil Gullible - keyboards
Dr. Rhythm - drums

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