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AFI "AFI (The Blood Album)"

AFI "AFI (The Blood Album)"

AFI "AFI (The Blood Album)"

January 20, 2017
Punk Rock / Alternative Rock
United States (Ukiah, CA)
Concord Records


01. Dark Snow (03:17)
02. Still A Stranger (02:49)
03. Aurelia (02:53)
04. Hidden Knives (02:56)
05. Get Hurt (03:43)
06. Above The Bridge (03:28)
07. So Beneath You (03:18)
08. Snow Cats (03:20)
09. Dumb Kids (02:40)
10. Pink Eyes (03:27)
11. Feed From The Floor (04:09)
12. White Offerings (02:50)
13. She Speaks The Language (04:00)
14. The Wind That Carries Me Away (03:38)

Pitchfork -
Perhaps it’s all worth it if The Blood Album spurs a rejuvenated interest in Sing the Sorrow and Black Sails on the Sunset, but the triumphant return of AFI is still ready when they are.

The 405 -
While AFI (The Blood Album) may not have the mainstream crossover potential that the band enjoyed a decade ago with Sing the Sorrow and DECEMBERUNDERGROUND, it is still a highly enjoyable album that both diehard fans and anyone looking for massive rock hooks alike should enjoy, despite faltering a bit toward the end.

Alternative Press -
Epic-sounding and true to that signature AFI sound, AFI (The Blood Album) will be a record that stands out for hardcore fans, while picking up some new ones along the way. The fire is definitely still inside AFI.

Davey Havok - lead vocals, lyrics
Jade Puget - guitars, keyboard, programming, piano, backing vocals
Hunter Burgan - bass, keyboard, programming, backing vocals
Adam Carson - drums, percussion, backing vocals

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AFI "Snow Cats"

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