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AUSTRA "Future Politics"

AUSTRA "Future Politics"

AUSTRA "Future Politics"

January 20, 2017
Synthpop, Electropop, alternative
Canada, Toronto, Ontario


01.We Were Alive 04:35
02.Future Politics 04:09
03.Utopia 04:03
04.I'm A Monster 04:38
05.I Love You More Than You Love Yourself 04:58
06.Angel In Your Eye 03:14
07.Freepower 05:09
08.Gaia 03:08
09.Beyond A Mortal 05:45
10.Deep Thought 01:09
11.43 04:28

If you’re still feeling drained and deadened by the traumas of 2016, perhaps it’s time for a musical tonic. Like cold, clean water, Austra’s ‘Future Politics’ washes clear the mental muck, leaving you feeling alive again.

Drowned in Sound -
Future Politics is political, danceable, dark, shimmering and hopeful. Not a combination easily achievable, but Austra have never been a normal band. Utopia might be fiction, but Future Politics is real, beautiful, necessary.

Clash -
An artist with such musical talents is always going to make an impression, but with ‘Future Politics’ the manner in which things have been presented has let the final product down.

Two years ago, I started writing Future Politics in response to what I saw as a fast approaching dystopia. I meant it as a call to imagine something different, a better future. At the time, donald trump was not even on the radar- now here we are, confronted with his election and the impending dystopia is suddenly a reality. Our long planned release date now has the horrible significance of also being the day he takes office. This record is our commitment to envisioning something different as humans, something outside of the current systems of say what you want, take what you want, and give nothing back.

We want to do what we can, however small, to make today about something more positive than the spectacle of this inauguration, when so much is in jeopardy. For this day, our release day, we are offering our record for free or pay-what-you-can via Bandcamp, with any proceeds going to Planned Parenthood.

I still have radical hope for the future, and I would be honored for Future Politics to be a part of your soundtrack to creating change.

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