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CHERRY GLAZERR "Apocalipstick"

CHERRY GLAZERR "Apocalipstick"

CHERRY GLAZERR "Apocalipstick"

January 20, 2017
Indie Pop, Indie Rock, alternative rock, dream pop, psychedelic, punk
USA, California
Secretly Canadian


01.Told You I'd Be with the Guys 04:33
02.Trash People 03:08
03.Moon Dust 02:34
04.Humble Pro 02:43
05.Nuclear Bomb 03:45
06.Only Kid on the Block 03:45
07.Lucid Dreams 03:40
08.Sip O' Poison 02:20
09.Nurse Ratched 03:01
10.Instagratification 02:45
11.Apocalipstick 02:05

On Apocalipstick the band worked with “rock'n'roll wizard” Joe Chicarelli [White Stripes, The Shins, The Strokes] and Carlos de la Garza [Bleached, M83, Tegan and Sara]. Understandably the band felt a sense of vulnerability when laying themselves bare to Joe, a producer they had so much respect for. Dispelling her own sense of ego was an added hurdle for Clem, but it allowed for their greatest risk-taking as a band yet and has paid off exponentially. “I didn't even smoke weed during pre-production because I didn't wanna disappoint Joe. I didn't wanna get in trouble!” laughs Clem. She adds, “Making a record is such a spiritual thing. You laugh, you cry, you're miserable and the happiest you'll ever be.” Tabor chimes in with typically comedy drummer timing, “It was so much simpler than that for me. Just, 'These drums sound sick.”

“Comedy in music is extremely important to me because humour is all we have as human beings,” Clem adds. The jests are particularly strong on the disgustingly catchy track 'Trash People' – it's quite literal in its self-deprecation levels. “That's a fun song about how I have dirty fucking habits,” says Clem. “It's about being road rats, nasty ass, dirty fuckers. That's how I like to live.” 'Instagratification' is a tongue-in-cheek musing on social media narcissism, which the band admit to feeding off. Sasami notes that women are shamed so much more often for their posts: “Who the fuck cares? If you wanna post a photo of your pussy go for it! The ultimate white privilege is sweating the small shit, judging people for things that don't matter.”

When it comes to sweating the major shit, Cherry Glazerr live like they want to see others live. They don't want to preach certain politics, they'd rather hold court for an open discourse. The subject of equality among the sexes, however, holds a special, unavoidable place for Clem, torchbearer for feminism in its raddest forms. That's so key to her aesthetic that it's the opening sentiment of Apocalipstick via the anthemic, disaster-laden 'Told You I'd Be With The Guys'. The song documents Clem's realization that she needed to establish solidarity with other women and stop being a “lone wolf”. “Sexism is so ingrained in me, I can often feel that men are the only ones who can help me socially, economically. The most important thing in my life is that I've realized I need to work for solidarity. That song's both hopeful and dismal!” she laughs. Clem still feels the constant need to prove herself. “Women work from behind their oppression. In order to make good art you need to be emotionally free and sadly, not a lot of women are able to do that. That always puts a fire under my ass.”

The Guardian -
A rejigged lineup and White Stripes producer Joe Chiccarelli have made for a far more robust sound, which channels old school DIY post-punk (Kleenex, the Slits), and vintage riot grrrl via Pixies-style bittersweetness and big angular riffs.

AllMusic -
2017's Apocalipstick has a powerful wallop earlier albums lacked, with the bass and drums punching through the mix, Creevy's guitar slashing and crashing, and her vocals showing some growth.

Loud and Quiet -
With a title and album cover that could be mistaken for a feminist sci-fi flick that’s destined to be a cult-classic, Cherry Glazerr’s second effort ‘Apocalipstick’ offers a healthy dosage of slacker-pop that will find itself welcomed with open arms by those with an ear for the likes of Hinds, Diet Cig and Girlpool.

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