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TRICKY "Skilled Mechanics"

TRICKY "Skilled Mechanics"

TRICKY "Skilled Mechanics"

JANUARY 22, 2016
Trip-Hop, Electronic
False Idols / !K7 Records


01. – I'm Not Going (feat. Oh Land) (2:53)
02. – Hero (2:23)
03. – Don't Go (3:12)
04. – Beijing to Berlin (feat. Ivy) (2:52)
05. – Diving Away (2:09)
06. – Boy (2:54) (video)
07. – Bother (2:24)
08. – How's Your Life (2:59)
09. – Here My Dear (2:38)
10. – We Begin (feat. Francesca Belmonte) (1:35)
11. – Well (2:50)
12. Skilled Mechanics – Necessary (feat. Milo) (3:35)
13. – Unreal (1:49)

Producer-vocalist Tricky has set a release date for his first full-length album with his collaboration-heavy project, Skilled Mechanics.

Formed by Tricky after a move to Berlin earlier this year, Skilled Mechanics is a collaborative project that allows the producer and vocalist to work with many different artists, while at the same time pushing his unique vocal talents to the forefront. Last month, the first music from the project surfaced in the form of "Beijing To Berlin," a brash hip-hop track featuring guest vocals from Chinese rapper Ivy, which promptly sold out on limited edition 7”.

...постоянный гастрольный ударник Люк Харрис, волшебным образом превратившийся здесь чуть ли ни в основного вокалиста. Трики случайно услышал его пение на саундчеке, и теперь Харрис среди прочего исполняет кавера на «Bother» Кори Тейлора (Stone Sour, Slipknot) и «Porpoise Head» Перри Фаррелла (Porno For Pyros, Jane's Addiction) - последняя с намеком на соответствующий альбом озаглавлена «Diving Away».

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