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SHEARWATER "Jet Plane and Oxbow"

SHEARWATER "Jet Plane and Oxbow"

SHEARWATER "Jet Plane and Oxbow"

JANUARY 22, 2016
alternative rock, indie
Austin, Texas, USA


01.Prime 03:38
02.Quiet Americans 03:33
03.A Long Time Away 04:10
04.Backchannels 04:44
05.Filaments 06:10
06.Pale Kings 04:12
07.Only Child 04:30
08.Glass Bones 03:38
09.Wildlife in America 05:08
10.Radio Silence 06:38
11.Stray Light at Clouds Hill 05:39

This is definitely Shearwater’s biggest and loudest record—it’s easy to imagine these songs roaring from the stage—but it’s also their most detailed and intricate one. Front man Jonathan Meiburg and producer/engineer Reisch (who also recorded 2012’s Animal Joy and the off-the-cuff collaborations of 2014’s Fellow Travelers) spent two years crafting Jet Plane and Oxbow with help from drummer Cully Symington, longtime Shearwater associates Howard Draper and Lucas Oswald, and tourmates Jesca Hoop, Abram Shook, and Jenn Wasner.

But their secret weapon this time is film composer and percussionist Brian Reitzell, whose soundtracks include The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, The Bling Ring, and 30 Days of Night. Reitzell’s arsenal of strange instruments emphasizes Jet Plane and Oxbow’s cinematic depth and scope, and reflects the band’s choice to anchor the record in the era when digital technology was just beginning to transform the world of recorded music. In Shearwater’s hands this doesn’t feel like nostalgia; the racing synths and hammered dulcimers of heart-pounding opener “Prime” or the addled motorik of “Radio Silence” sound more like a metaphor for our own bewildering moment.

SHEARWATER "Jet Plane and Oxbow" stream

0:00 Prime
3:38 Quiet Americans
7:16 A Long Time Away
11:25 Backchannels
16:06 Filaments
22:16 Pale Kings
26:32 Only Child
31:00 Glass Bones
34:39 Wildlife in America
39:50 Radio Silence
46:33 Stray Light at Clouds Hill

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