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TINDERSTICKS "The Waiting Room"

TINDERSTICKS "The Waiting Room"

TINDERSTICKS "The Waiting Room"

January 22, 2016
alternative, rock, indie rock
United Kingdom
City Slang


01.Follow Me 02:45
02.Second Chance Man 03:56
03.Were We Once Lovers? 04:49
04.Help Yourself 05:38
05.Hey Lucinda 05:15 video
06.Fear Of Emptiness 03:59
07.How He Entered 04:45
08.The Waiting Room 04:54
09.Planting Holes 02:02
10.We Are Dreamers 05:20
11.Like Only Lovers Can 04:33

In January 2016 Tindersticks will release their new album ‘The Waiting Room,’ a milestone not just numerically (their 10th), but musically and creatively. Two decades into their musical voyage Tindersticks, established masters of restraint and poetic human emotion, are a band now confidently creating the best songs of their career.  

The Waiting Room
David Boulter, Neil Fraser, Earl Harvin, Dan McKinna, Stuart A. Staples.
recorded at 'le chien chanceux' by Stuart A. Staples, sometimes with Sam Naval.
Strings and brass recorded by George Murphy (the pool and eastcote)
'Hey Lucinda' singing recorded at Hotel2Tango, Montreal mixed may 2015 by Stuart A. Staples
produced by Stuart A. Staples mastered by John Dent at Loud.

TINDERSTICKS "Across Six Leap Years" (Oct. 2015)

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TINDERSTICKS "Were We Once Lovers?"

Tindersticks - Were We Once Lovers from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.


Tindersticks - Hey Lucinda from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

TINDERSTICKS "We Are Dreamers"

Tindersticks - We are dreamers! from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.