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THE UKRAINIANS "Evolutsiya!"

THE UKRAINIANS "Evolutsiya!"

THE UKRAINIANS "Evolutsiya!"

AUGUST 24th, 2016
Post Punk, folk-rock, folk-punk, alternative
Great Britain
Zirka Records


CD1 – best
01 Vykhid
02 Oi Divchino
03 Durak
04 Cherez Richku Cherez Hai
05 Emigranty
06 Sobache Zhyttya
07 Europa
08 Polityka
09 Slava
10 Smert
11 Chervona Rozha Troyaka
12 Oi Vydno Selo
13 Ty Zh Mene Pidmanula
14 Ti Moyi Radoshchi
15 Chlib
16 Son
17 Ace of Spades
18 The Model
19 The Queen Is Dead
20 Venus in Furs

CD2 – rarest
01 Ranenko*
02 Oy Dunayu Dunayu*
03 Chy Znayesh Ty?*
04 De Ye Moya Mila?**
05 Zrada****
06 Lebedi Materynstva****
07 Vorony **
08 Radioactivity****
09 Telstar ****
10 Diaspora***
11 Nadia Pishla**
12 Anarchy in the UK+
13 California Dreaming / She’s Lost Control+
14 Zavtra+
15 Tiutiunnyk+
16 Shche Raz+
17 Zadumav Didochok+
18 Teper My Hovorymo+
19 Oi Na Hori+
20 Verkhovyno+

* new recording previously unreleased
**alternative mix previously unreleased
*** alternative mix
**** currently unavailable elsewhere

The Ukrainians were founded by ex-Wedding Present guitarist Peter Solowka and his tenor-voiced, fiddle-playing friend Len Liggins in 1991, the year Ukraine regained its independence from the Soviet Union.  “It has been a long journey that has taken us 25 years by trains, planes and battered vans, and wherever we're going, it feels like we haven't got there yet - but it has been a fantastic ride! Our music is borne from the meeting of east and west, Ukrainian and British, and the genetic make-up of the band reflects this. Some members have a Ukrainian background and some don't. The result is a musical hybrid created from the meeting of different cultures.” This 2-CD album is a collection of their best and rarest tracks in their 25-year history.

We are a mix of East and West, Passion and Power, Tenderness and Dynamism. We write our own songs, and we happily cover classics from east and west.
We use eastern instruments like mandolins, accordions & violins, and sing in Ukrainian language, and support all of this with western rhythm.

Over 1000 gigs, 20 countries, 6 albums - and lots more to come!

Evolutsiya features 40 of the best and rarest tracks produced by 'The Ukrainians' in their 25 year career. Released on Ukrainian indepedence day (24th August).

"Born in the West - Hearts in the East!"

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