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THE F16s "Triggerpunkte"

THE F16s "Triggerpunkte"

THE F16s "Triggerpunkte"

August 8, 2016
alternative, pop punk, indie, dancepunk
India, Chennai


1.Moon Child 04:39
2.Summer In My Lungs 05:13
3.Palladian Park 05:00
4.Cannibal Life II 04:06
5.Caddilak 04:34
6.Digital Dead 03:15
7.Luna Zep 04:32
8.Plastik like Skin 04:34
9.You Could Use Me As A Weapon 03:58

Вперше тут музика з Індії. Якось не попадалось продукції звідти. Але ж, дійсно, якщо там є Боллівуд, то чому б не бути й людям, які адекватну музику грають? :) Індія велика й багатогранна...

Madras/Bangalore-based Dance/Punk band with a penchant for the weird.

The F16s play alternative dance music borne out of frustration with a barren and flaccid cityscape. The band has an EP out, named 'Kaleidoscope'. Consisting of seven songs, the record acts as an effective acid test, laying the groundwork for an arresting live set.

Special thanks to Bohemia Junction (Joshua Rodrigues), Only Much Louder, Amaranta Entertainment, Family, Friends & Fans.

Guitars/Bass/Vocals recorded at Tobs Garage (Toby Joseph)

Mastering Engineer : Christian Wright (Abbey Road Studios)

Album Cover by: Sachin & Sanjana Bhatt

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