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DANNY BROWN "Atrocity Exhibition"

DANNY BROWN "Atrocity Exhibition"

DANNY BROWN "Atrocity Exhibition"

September 27, 2016
Hip Hop
Warp Records


01. Downward Spiral
02. Tell Me What I Don't Know
03. Rolling Stone (feat. Petite Noir)
04. Really Doe (feat. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul & Earl Sweatshirt)
05. Lost
06. Ain't It Funny
07. Golddust
08. White Lines
09. Pneumonia (video)
10. Dance in the Water
11. From the Ground (feat. Kelela)
12.When It Rain (video)
13. Today
14. Get Hi (feat. B-Real)
15. Hell for It

Danny Brown’s new album is the most anticipated record in rap since his last one. These are the problems you have when you’re the greatest rapper alive! Atrocity Exhibition is another Detroit masterpiece, 15 tracks of raw, uncut Danny over production from The Alchemist, Evian Christ and Paul White, plus guest appearances from Kendrick Lamar, Earl Sweatshirt, Kelela, B-Real and more.

The Guardian -
The snaggle-toothed Detroit rapper has previously dabbled in grime, ghettotech and other esoteric styles, but his new LP goes further still – sketching out uncharted territory for hip-hop with the gonzo penmanship of Robert Crumb or Ralph Steadman.

Pretty Much Amazing -
This is an excellent and refreshingly tense album that’s already being hailed as a masterpiece in some quarters from people who really, really want you to know that they know where it’s coming from. A streetwise rapper you can party to who also openly loves post-punk and Forever Changes and names ...

DANNY BROWN "Atrocity Exhibition" stream, слухати

Danny Brown "Really Doe" ft. Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Earl Sweatshirt

Danny Brown "Pneumonia"

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