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HIRIE "Wandering Soul"

HIRIE "Wandering Soul"

HIRIE "Wandering Soul"

August 19, 2016
Reggey, Reggae
Hirie Music / Rootfire Cooperative


01.) Wandering Soul
02.) Good Vibration feat. Trevor Hall
03.) Renegade feat. Nahko Bear (video)
04.) Don’t Take My Ganja
05.) Women Comes First feat. Nattali Rize
06.) Boom Fire
07.) Melody of a Broken Heart
08.) You Won’t Be Alone
09.) Queen
10.) Almost Home
11.) Ride The Wave -
It has been almost 3 years since the drop of Hirie’s self-titled album. The wait is almost over as they have set the date of August 19th for the release their new album, Wandering Soul. While the album still has a couple months until its unveiling we caught up with lead vocalist, Patricia Jetton of Hirie to get some updates!

“I’ve definitely felt like a gypsy – having lived in so many countries (Philippines, Italy, UK, Hawaii, Mainland U.S.) and even more so having toured and slept in so many hotel rooms, on living room floors, and more. This kind of gypsy existence excites me. Being a Wandering Soul can mean so many things, and I hope my listeners will find their own questions within the album about themselves and everything around them.”

#1 Billboard’s Reggae Chart

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