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JESS LAMBERT "Creature of Fear"

JESS LAMBERT "Creature of Fear"

JESS LAMBERT "Creature of Fear" EP

September 25, 2015
folk, acoustic, alternative folk, rock, indie, singer-songwriter
seattle, Washington, USA


1.Creature of Fear 04:53
2.Roll Little Boat 03:58
3.Who 04:37
4.Only If Love Remains 04:15

"Creature of Fear" is a story of growth, wrestling demons, and facing fear. For Jess Lambert this story involved crumbling relationships, self-discovery, and facing the realities of mortality with the diagnosis of a brain aneurysm in her twenties. In time, chaos and vulnerability gave way to strength, understanding, and determination in the face of fear and the uncertainty of life. This four song EP is a glimpse into and through the struggle… a reminder of what was, and hope for what can be.

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Jess Lambert’s music often mimics the shifting and moody tones of her natural surroundings. With heartfelt songs full of raw personal emotion and gripping melodies, Jess Lambert creates a sound that may best be described as ardent alternative-folk.

All songs written by Jess Lambert
Recorded by // Chad Lambert, Jess Lambert
Mixed by // Steven Aguilar
Mastered by // Ed Brooks at RFI Mastering - Seattle, WA
Cover design by // NO THEFT
Cover photo by // Michael Porter

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